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  • Mansfield Advertiser
    After nearly two years of preparation, BYTE brought its play Romeo, Hamlet, Helena and Juliet, a collage of Shakespeare’s most loved plays to Mansfield. The production was set in the forest of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and told a tale of love, cross dressing and mistaken identity. The performances were great all around and the young actors really owned their parts and told the eternal story Romeo and Juliet for today’s teenagers in a high-energy often very comical way.
    Mansfield Advertiser
  • Theatrepeople
    The audience was blown away by the professionalism, ability, skill and sheer fun they saw when viewing BYTE's production Fake Is Real at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. There was a great depth of maturity and understanding of the material by every cast member.
  • Peter Spencer, Stage-whispers
    As I reflected afterwards, Romeo, Hamlet, Helena and Julietis a production which ‘runs away with itself’. It is an emotional journey (with much of it funny and happy) exploring many different themes but with the central theme of love evident throughout.
    Peter Spencer, Stage-whispers
  • Padraig Downey, Rome
    Romeo, Hamlet, Helena and Juliet was bloody brilliant. Strange, but bloody brilliant. The actors were amazing. A million times better of what I’ve seen at schools here. It would have been amazing if they had more than one night in Rome. That would mean that I could go and watch it again!
    Padraig Downey, Rome
  • Madeleine McNeil
    The musical play Shivers was written and directed by Joachim Matschoss and brought to us by BYTE. It told the story of inmates working in commercial convent laundries in the 1950s. The homes housed girls who had been deemed wayward, homeless, deviant, at risk of moral danger or pregnant. The intensity of the performances by the young actors was electrifying. The staging was highly non naturalistic using Bunraku puppetry in a highly effective way.
    Madeleine McNeil
  • Hamburger Abendblatt, translated
    The touring piece of BYTE was depressing and challenging, but also full of hope and a way forward, written by Joachim Matschoss Alone is Bliss dealt with the issues of self-harm and abuse. The performances were outstanding. Matilda Reed played the lead role with a frightening authenticity and terrifying intensity.
    Hamburger Abendblatt, translated
  • Georgia Munnion, Theatre Journal, Lisbon/Portugal
    BYTE performed Louis Nowra’s play Cosi to a sold out house in Carcavelos/Lisbon. The play is set in the 1970s, during the Vietnam War. Inmates of an asylum are trying to perform Mozart’s opera ‘Cosi van Tutte’. The cast had impeccable timing and an amazing contrast between calm, emotional moments and sudden bursts of confusion.
    Georgia Munnion, Theatre Journal, Lisbon/Portugal